Italian Style Parmanello Salami

Italian Style Parmanello Salami

This is an Italian style Parmanello Salami Recipe that comes as part of the Complete Salami Kit. It's a trialed and tested recipe that brings out all the beautiful flavours you'd expect from a typical Italian Salami.

Cook time: 6 weeks Prep time: 1-2 hours Level Intermediate


– 30% Lean Beef.

– 45% Lean Pork (i.e. Shoulder Pork).

– 25% Hardback fat.

– Beef Middle Casings

(Plus Per kg of meat) 

– 15g Parmanello Salami Seasoning

– 0.6 Bessastart Salami Culture

– 28g Salami Curing Salts

All can be purchased seperately or in our Complete Salami Kit.


1) Mix the culture into a small amount of lukewarm water and allow to settle for 20-30 minutes.


2) Chill the meat prior to starting production.


3) Cut the meat into cubes and sprinkle with the seasonings and mince through a coarse plate. Add the fat, culture and salt. Mix well before mincing again through a finer plate to obtain a granulation of 3mm.


4) Fill into a Beef Middle Casings or Fibrous Casings, link to the desired length and finish with a loop of butchers twine from which you can hang the salami.


5) Leave the sausage to hang in a warm environment (15-20°C) for 24-36 hours. This kick starts the fermentation process.


6) After this initial fermentation, the Salami should then be hung in a dry, airy environment. There should be some relative humidity to prevent the sausage drying too quickly (it can develop a crust on the outside which prevents the inside drying).


7) Allow to dry for approx 6 weeks.


8) Any superficial mould can be wiped off using a piece of kitchen paper dipped in a vinegar/water solution.


For additional info to the above recipe, we recommend the Hints and Tips to Salami Making by Len Poli which gives advice, in particular, guidance on hanging during the fermentation and maturation of the finished Salami.

Visit Len Poli Website here

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