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Bank Holiday Offer! Take advantage of 10% off our Takaje Vacuum Machine including extra pack of 50 vacuum bags, with the code "VAC10"

Natural Casings

Check out our extensive range of Hog, Sheep & Beef casings for every British & Continental sausage. Available for trade and home use!

Generation Game

Check out our Trespade Minnie Plus Sausage Stuffer, as seen on the BBC's The Generation Game 01/04/18.

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World Cup Sausages With Weschenfelder's

Sausage Making Supplies From Weschenfelder's

Welcome  to Weschenfelder's, the Sausage Making specialists. We can supply everything you need to make your own Sausages, Burgers, Salami & Bacon. We have all the equipment you need to mince your own sausage meat & make your own sausages!

Just choose from our range of mincers, sausage stuffers, sausage seasonings and skins.  We also stock Butchers Knives, Hooks, Cleavers, everything in a traditional butchery apart from the meat!

All our Natural Sheep and Hog Casings are of British origin with BRC Food Grade Accreditation and full traceability. We supply traditional Butchers, Farm Shops & small scale sausage makers all over the UK with skins & sausage making equipment. We cater to both the professional sausage maker, and the complete beginner.

We hope you enjoy browsing and find what you're looking for, or something that inspires you to start making sausages!  If you need further clarification on our products or need some advice,  please feel free to email or call us on 01642 241395 .