TreSpade TC 12 EL ECO Electric Mincer

The TC 12 El Eco is a super machine designed to cut through the sinew of game meats at pace. A great choice for anyone wanting a step up from a number 8 mincer with slightly more power a throughput. 

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Product Details 

This is the no.12 ECO Electric meat mincer.  Stripped back to its bones this is a TreSpade mincer for the purist. It will get through all meats including the sinew found in game meats. 

The motor has 480 Wats and will mince through 1.5kg (approx 3lbs) of meat per minute.  

It comes complete with a stainless steel knife, two stainless steel plates (6mm & 16mm), and a set of nozzles for sausage making. The stainless steel knife is self-sharpening which makes them ideal for using over long periods of time.

The head, worm, screw are made from a high-quality Italian cast iron and the receiving tray is made from a high resistance plastic.

The base of this machine is made from a hardened plastic to ensure the machine does not slip and slide during the mincing process.

The weight of this machine at 11.5kg making it robust and able to deal with large quantities of meat at a time.

This machine is suitable for domestic households, small-holders, Farmers, restaurants, or home producers with a side of pork, beef, or several deer to process. 

Made in Italy by Tre-Spade of Torino it is a quality piece of machinery that is well-engineered and built to last.

Product Features

- Dimensions: 24x47x39 cm.

- Motor power: 480W.

- Worm revolutions per minute 160 r.p.m.

- Italian cast iron worm, head, and screw.

- Receiving tray is made from a high resistance plastic.

- Base made from hardened plastic.

- Minces 1.5kg of meat in 1 minute.

- Weight 11.5kg.

- Dimensions: 24x47x39cm.

- Motor Power: 480W.

- Made in Torino Italy.


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