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Tre Spade Minnie Plus Little Demon Rosso Stuffer with Starter Pack

This is the ultimate sausage-making starter pack that features the Tre Spade Little Deamon stuffer at the heart of it. This 3kg capacity sausage stuffer has long been the best on the market for anyone looking to get serious about making sausages at home.

It comes with all the accessories and everything you need to make sausage from the get-go.

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Product Details

This Minnie-Plus Little Demon Rosso Stuffer makes sausage making a pure joy. It comes with an exclusive gearing system that can give you the ability to control the pace in which you fill your casings, matched with the capability to quickly refill the stainless-steel barrel. The stuffer has a sturdy end-screw nozzle system and comes with 4 plastic nozzles included so you can produce every type of sausage from Chipolatas through to Cumberland, Boerewors, Chorizo, Salami, Black Puddings and even Haggis!  

This stuffer is provided with two clamps to secure to a worktop ensuring the machine will not move whilst you’re making sausages. Including the nozzle, the main barrel is 55cm long and packs in 6lbs of mix. The main barrel un-slots easily and can be washed in a dishwasher. It is ideal for the home sausage maker or restaurant wanting to make a Gourmet sausage.

Along with the Tre Spade Sausage Stuffer is a great little Starter Pack that has everything you need to make your own 20lbs batch of sausages. 

- 1 x 1kg bag pinhead rusk.

- 1 x 20mtr hog casings.

- 1 x Wesch Gold Pork Seasoning.

- 1 x Sausage Book by Paul Peacock.

Product Features

- x1 Tre Spade Little Deamon Sausage stuffer.

- Barrel Capacity: 3kg

- Rack made from carbon steel.

- Moplen piston equipped with silicon seal and air release valve.

- Sausage nozzles provided have diameters of 10, 20, 30 & 40mm.

- All the ingredients you need to make a 20lb batch of sausages.

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