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Sausage Making Recipe Ideas

  • Weschenfelder Pork Pie Recipe

    If there is one thing that Unites Britain its the appreciation for a pie and the humble pork pie is a timeless classic that has been a staple of the British diet for hundreds of years.

    This is enough to make 1 pork pie. The type that you would find in a butchers shop so if you want to make more which we are sure you will, simply multiply the quantities of the ingredients depending on how many you wish to make.

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  • Haggis Recipe

    Although now haggis is a thoroughly Scottish tradition, its early history could be French, Roman or Scandinavian. Some say the word “haggis” derives from the French term “hacher,” which means to chop up or mangle. Others insist a similar dish appears in sources as old as Homer’s “Odyssey,” while English food historian Clarissa Dickson-Wright claims that haggis came from Scandinavia “even before Scotland was a single nation.”

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  • Catherine Wheel Toad in the Hole

    Like Catherine Wheels and penny for the Guy, sausages are a Bonfire Night tradition. You could serve them with fail-safe mash or in buns as hot dogs, but you could also go super retro and make toad in the hole with a twist.

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  • FireCracker Sausages

    If you love a little spice in your sausages then the Firecracker sausage mix is sure to do just that. Ideal served on a cold winter night!

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  • Bringing The Bacon Home

    This is a guest blog from our late friend Paul Peacock whose discovery of homemade bacon opened up a whole new perspective on bacon! From what joints to use to trialed and tested recipes this is a great article for anyone who is thinking about curing their own bacon at home!

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  • Spooktacular Smokey Toffee apple sausage recipe

    This is the smokey toffee apple recipe that will have your trick or treaters coming back for more every year or will they...

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  • Italian Style Parmanello Salami

    This is an Italian style Parmanello Salami Recipe that comes as part of the Complete Salami kit. It's a trialed and tested recipe that brings out all the beautiful flavours you'd expect from a typical Italian Salami.

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  • Mexican Fresh Chorizo

    Tim's daughter spent three months working in Mexico City and came back with this recipe for a Mexican Fresh Chorizo. Everything was highly spiced with chilli including this beautiful Chorizo!

    So if you can handle the spice and want to bring a bit of Mexico to your kitchen, here is the perfect recipe.

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  • Raising The Burger To Gourmet Heights

    Think burgers are cheap food? Think again !

    A comedian recently proclaimed on the television that you don’t find young American couples ‘going for an English’, to which someone retorted, ‘...yes, but all you eat are burgers’.

    True enough, well not actually that true really, but if your idea of a burger is that shaken out of a frozen cardboard box, or prized apart from a tower of iced up perfect circles of what could be meat but more rather looks like frozen compost, you really ought to think again about burgers.

    The thing about burgers is they are a depository for so many different flavours, and with care you can create some seriously gourmet food. The reason why we so often like to fast food restaurant burgers is hardly for the meat portion itself, but the pickles, sauces and condiments added to them, and the additions are important, we want to expand your horizons to create something amazing with meat.

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  • Italian Farmhouse Fennel Sausage

    This Italian fennel sausage with chilli recipe comes from an inspirational trip to Sicily where we were spoilt with good food but this sausage stood out above everything else. So we asked for the recipe and the chef was only too kind in giving us this for you to try at home.

    Fennel and chilli have long been an Italian food combo that is used in Pasta, Ragus and even Pizzas. The initial hit of chilli works in tangent with the fennel which beautifully freshens up every bite.

    What makes this great homemade Italian fennel sausage recipe is that the list of ingredients is really simple.

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