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Scott Rea's Rabit And Herb Sauage Recipe

Rabbit sausages are slowly working their way back into most countertops of butchers here in Yorkshire, especially out in the sticks. So here's a classic recipe which Scott Rea has kindly given us.

This one serves a large batch which will freeze well and can be used as and when.


The Meat

1kg of boneless rabbit, leg or loin, minced or processed

500g of belly pork or any fatty pork bits


The Seasonings

200g breadcrumbs or sausage making rusk

200ml of water

45g Honeyroast seasoning

20g salt

10g pepper

25g thyme


The Casings

2 metres Natural Hog Casings


Note: For smaller mixes reduce the quantities below by proportion.

1. In a bowl add the minced rabbit and minced pork and mix. Add the breadcrumbs and seasoning blend. Mix well until completely and evenly incorporated.


2. Add the water 50ml at a time. You do not want the mix to be too wet. You are looking for a putty-like consistency. Meat moisture will vary, so adding a little at a time will allow you to find the perfect mix. If it gets too wet, add a handful of bread crumbs.


3. If you have a mincer, mince it all once more. If not continue as below.


4. Work the mix really, you're trying to bind the fat to the lean. Keep mixing it until a good handful of the sausage meat will stick to your fingers when your hand is turned palm down.


5. Stuff the meat into the skins, tie them into links and leave to chill for 24 hours. If you haven't got access to a sausage stuffer, make it into patties, chill it for 24 hours, and cook it as a burger.


6. This is a wonderful, basic rabbit banger recipe. Riff off it by adding whatever you want; any herbs or spices you like such as garlic, paprika, chilli etc. The possibilities are endless.


Scott's Top Tip - Fry a little ball of the finished mix to check for seasoning.


To Serve: Serve with your favourite accompaniment for sausages.

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