Leonards North African Moroccan Complete Mix (Trade Pack)

A super blend. This is the Leonards Moroccan mix that brings mint and chilli together to resemble the sausages that you would find on the streets of Marrakesh. 


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Influenced by the North African flavours, this mix makes a beautiful spicy yet fruity sausage. A blend of yoghurt, chilli and mint that works perfectly with lamb, chicken, beef or pork. It's warming flavours from the chillis are beautifully balanced with the fresh mint. As soon as you bite into this flavoursome sausage you understand why it is just so popular. 

The flavours resemble that of a merguez sausage which has grown in popularity all over Europe with African immigrants bringing across their own different versions.

These are sold in trade packs with an option of:

5 x 0.681kg packs (1 x 5 mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 10lb batch.

12 x 1.362kg packs (1 x 12mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 20lb batch. 

 Simply select the case you want using the drop-down below.

Product Features

- A blend of yoghurt, chilli, and mint.

- Ideal for lamb, chicken, beef, and pork sausages.

- Complete sausage mix includes rusk. 

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