Pökel Salz Bacon Cure (10kg)

This 10kg Trade pack of Weschenfelder Pökel Salz is a low salt Dry Bacon Cure that can be applied to your meat straight out of the pack to produce a tasty traditional styled home cured bacon. It can also be used as a base cure to which you can add a variety of flavours including ingredients such as sugar and spices.
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Product Details 

Weschenfelder Pökel Salz produces a super peice of bacon that is a little less salty than most cured bacon.

Simply rub in the cure and wrap in either a thick polythene bag or vacuum pack and leave to cure in the fridge.

This cure is made up of Sun-fine Sea Salt and only 0.6% Sodium Nitrite (no Nitrates) and is designed to be used at the rate of 3.5% (only 35grams) per kilo of meat. Sodium Nitrite acts as a preservative and ensures the meat is cured and keeps its pink colour all the way through.  

Product Features

- 10kg sack.

- Recipe & Ideas come with each sack.

- Ideal as a plain bacon cure.

- Can add flavour to the cure.

- Makes a traditional tasty cured bacon. 


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