Leonards Welsh Dragon Complete Mix

Leeks, chillis, and colour. This Welsh Dragon Mix is sure to add a little spice to your palette and offers something a little different from your standard pork sausage. Blended by Leonards, this mix is used widely by home enthusiasts and butchers across the UK.
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This is a cracker of a complete mix. Combining dried welsh leeks and with two different types of chilies, this mix will be sure to add a little fire as you bite into this sausage. Though not overly spicy this mix has a perfect balance between leaks and chillis and is the perfect way to heat up a mid-week meal.

Though dragon meat is tasty we recommend pork mince as a substitute to make the Classic Welsh Sausage! 

Product Features

- Complete mix includes seasoning and rusk.

- This complete mix contains everything you need to make a 20lb batch.

- Just add this mix to meat and water before stuffing the skins.

- 1.362kg per pack. 

- Goes well with pork, lamb or chicken.

- Blended by Leonards. 




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