Toulouse Seasoning

Toulouse Sausage Seasoning from Leonards provides the perfect seasoning to make this popular French Sausage.
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The Toulouse Seasoning produced from a French recipe makes a typical fresh herby pork sausage with black pepper from Southern France.

As with the Merguez Seasoning this sausage would be made in France without the addition of any Rusks or Breadcrumbs. Therefore this would be an ideal sausage for anyone wanting to make a Gluten-free sausage. The pack includes all you need apart from the meat.  

Simply Use at a rate of 25grams per kg of meat. Your meat needs to contain some fat to ensure a succulent sausage. Mix the seasoning at 2.5% with the meat, add 2% water and then fill into casings.

Product Features

- 350 grams per pack.

- Use at a rate of 25g per Kg of meat (2.5% seasoning and 2% water).

- We would recommend filling Toulouse into a Hog Casing or Collagen 28mm.

- Gluten Free Seasoning.

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