TreSpade MPK 13 Nut Chilli Grinder

This is a beautifully made Italian Chilli grinder made from beech wood with a nutty finish. Fitted with TreSpade's conical grinding mechanism made from tempered steel this mill can grind both chillis and peppercorns.
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Product Details

This Chili grinder is an essential part of any kitchen or table to give a signature touch to your meals. The body of this chili grinder Stands at 13cm tall and is made from a well seasoned PEFC certified beech wood with a classy nut finish to fit into any kitchen.

The Grinder is fitted with TreSpade's high precision teeth and trademark conical grinding mechanism made from tempered steel. The shaft that goes through the centre of the grinder is made from anti-rusting steel ensuring your grinder is pristine from the day you get it.

It will easily grind pepper or chilies with no problem.

Product Features

- Weight: 320g.

- Height: 13cm.

- Nut beech wood finish.

- Anti-rust proof shaft.

- Exclusive TreSpade conical grinder mechanism.

- Handmade in Italy.

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