Inox No.8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer 220/50

Similar to the El Young Mincer, the no.8 Stainless steel mincer operates at the same capacity and has the same perks with the added bonus of it being made from all stainless steel. 

Due to its small size yet hard working nature, this mincer is a hit for any commercial users who are light on space. It will mince 1kg a minute and it work its way through any sinew found in game meats without a problem. 

A top mincer for both domestic users as well as light commercial users looking to get started.  

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Product Details

The Inox No.8 Electric 220/50 Mincer is made completely in Stainless Steel. This mincer has proved to be really popular with both home users and small restaurants earning a reputation for being reliable and efficient workhorse that will last for years.

The Inox No.8 is supplied with 2 stainless steel plates (6mm and 16mm), a mincer knife, along with two nozzles so you can use it for making your own sausages as well. It will mince through a range of meat including Pork, Game, Lamb, Beef or Venison with ease.

With a 0.4HP motor this mincer will easily go through 1kg of meat a minute. Perfect for doing batches of minced meat for burgers, sausages, paté or any other products.

One of the big advantages of this machine is that it is so easy to disassemble making it easy to clean thoroughly and store away until it's next use.

To make sausages with the Inox No.8 Mincer, you mince the meat first, then add the seasonings, breadcrumbs etc and mix well. Remove the knife from the mincer, insert the 16mm plate and put one of the nozzles through the front screw. Shire some casings over the nozzle leaving about an inch hanging over the end, then put the sausage meat back through the mincer and fill into the casings.

Made in Italy this is a quality piece of machinery that will make mincing a pure joy.

Product Features

- Weight: 8.5 kg

- Dimensions: 39.5x34.6x16.5 cm

- Motor power: 300 W (0.40HP)

- Worm revolutions per minute: 160 RPM

- Easy to disassemble making it practical for cleaning.


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