Jubilee Burger Mix

Born from the year of the Queens Jubilee. This burger mix makes a flavoursome burger that packs a punch and celebrates the British culture. 

It produces a great burger in which you can copious amounts of toppings too. 


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Product Details 

This mix was originally blended together as part of the celebrations for the Queens Jubilee. With such great feedback we decided to keep it on and once you take your first bite, you will be able to see why.

The blend is a nice mix including coarse black pepper, nutmeg, coriander and a hint of cayenne with red onion powder!

Give it a try and make this the British Burger that gets your friends talking around the barbecue.

Product Features

- 340g packet enough for a 10lb batch of burgers.

- Great with all meats. 

- Recipe Included. 

-Contains Rusk (Gluten)

- Ingredients list available upon request.


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