Butcher Trade Pack British Wide Sheep Casings Hanks, 24/+mm, 4 x 80Mtrs

The Weschenfelder Butcher Trade Pack 24+ Sheep casings are very popular amongst butchers. They are a yellow tag sheep casings which are the standard size that most butchers use in the UK. They make a fabulous breakfast style sausage which are tender to bite into but still offer flexibility when using them.

All casings will come vac packed and cured in salt.

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Product Details 

These are the Butcher's pack 24+ Sheep casings. Cured in salt, tied with a Yellow tag and packed into a sealed Vacuum pouch, these are a Wide Sheep Casing which will make a thin breakfast type of sausage.

The butcher's pack contains 4 x 80mtrs packs (320mtrs) and therefore ideal for anyone looking to make large quantities at a time.

All our casings are selected here in the UK to a strict A/B quality with every metre water tested prior to being cured in salt.

Before use soak them in warm water for 1 hour plus or overnight if possible. 

Product Features

- Butchers pack (320 metres) (4x80mtrs).

- 24+ British Sheep Casings.

- Hanks tied with yellow tags.

- Grade A/B quality British Casings.

- Ideal for making breakfast sized sausages.

- Packed ready salted in vac bags and often come in a white bucket.

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