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Best Thermometers for Your BBQ

Take the Guesswork out of your next BBQ

Enjoy delicious perfectly cooked food this summer with a little help from one of these Meat Thermometers.

When you are first looking for a meat thermometer you might think it is an easy buy but there is a whole world of different tech out there with so many thermometers for various applications, it is easy to see why you would be left confused. 

The best thermometers may actually be misnamed - meat may be their primary use but they are actually very versatile and great for baking, fish and even veggies too! With Summer now in full flow and barbecues firing up on evenings across the country, there is no better time to get hold of arguably the most important BBQ accessory of them all, a decent thermometer! 

Having a decent thermometer is a surefire way to take out the guesswork and ensure your end up with delicious food instead of not-so-delicious food poisoning. 

With the digital era, there are now two varieties of cooking thermometers, the Classic thermometer and the techy Smart Thermometer. Both show you the internal temperature but the smart thermometers show you the temperature on your phone through an app via Bluetooth. 

Obviously, the Smart Thermometers are a little more pricey than the Classic Thermometers so it really depends on budget and your use.

Here are our top picks coming right up!

ETI Gourmet Thermometer - meat thermometerETI Gourmet Thermometer - meat thermometer


This ETI Gourmet Thermometer has a slimline design with a folding stainless steel probe. As soon as you pick it up you can tell it means business. The large digital display turns on automatically using the ON/OFF buttons located at the top of the instrument. Once inserted into the substance being measured, it takes a few seconds to stabilise, depending on the nature of the measurement. The instrument will automatically turn off after 10 minutes ensuring the 5000-hour battery life does not run low anytime soon. 

This pocket-sized, foldable probe digital thermometer is excellent for performing high-accuracy measurements of food temperature inside professional kitchens or for those just wanting to nail their BBQ meat. 

As the probe is folding, you have the ability to probe your meat at odd angles. With a probe length of around 11cm, you can be sure to get into the centre point of those big joints. 

The gourmet thermometer is widely used by professional and enthusiastic amateur cooks and for us is the current state of the art in cooking thermometers of the non-smart variety.


2. ETI GOURMET DIGITAL THERMOMETER (Best Thermometer under £20)

The ETI T Shaped thermometer is the perfect choice for amateur cooks who don't want to spend a fortune on a new thermometer. A clear digital display is at the top of the probe with a clear Celsius/Fahrenheit switch button & display hold feature on the other side. This thermometer is supplied with a probe cover & pocket clip for easy use and storage. 

The stainless steel probe is 12cm long ensuring you can get into the central areas of the chunkiest joints of meat. Whether it's the Christmas Turkey or those wings on the BBQ this thermometer will have you covered and for under £20 it's a bit of a no-brainer. 

Mini Ray Temp ThermometerMini Ray Temp Thermometer

3. ETI MINI RAY TEMP INFRARED THERMOMETER (Best for low maintenance and ease of use)

This thermometer uses infrared technology to take the temperature of your product. Simply point the thermometer close to your meat and pull the trigger, within a few seconds, a reading is displayed on the large digital display. It's slightly more expensive than the Classic Probe thermometers but if you like your tech then this is the next step up. 

It's a neat bit of kit that incorporates all the facilities of a classic probe thermometer. The laser-assisted alignment comes as standard to assist in pinpointing the areas of measurement. 

This thermometer is popular amongst casual BBQers and the head chef in commercial kitchens because there is no probe, and it is very low maintenance in terms of cleaning. 

ETI Eco Temp ThermometerETI Eco Temp Thermometer

4. ETI ECO TEMP THERMOMETER (Best for constant measurements)

The ETI Eco Temp Thermometer is a fantastic little thermometer that has a large LCD display with hold and max/min memory functions. Due to its temperature range of -49 - 199.9°C, this thermometer is perfect for monitoring cooking and food holding temperatures as part of HACCP and health and safety procedures.

The stainless steel food penetration probe is detachable and has dimensions (Ø3.5 x 125mm) with a 700mm silicone connecting lead. The probe also comes with a protective boot so it's simple and safe to store.

The lead means that you are able to constantly measure the temperature comfortably from outside of the heat source i.e. a BBQ whilst the hood is closed. 

This thermometer is ideal for those who like to keep an eye on how fast the meat is cooking and allows you to make informed decisions about the strength of the heat. This thermometer is one for the BBQ GURUS.

Meater ThermometerMeater Thermometer

5. MEATER (best Smart Thermometer)

When it comes to the SMART Thermometers, you don't have to look any further than the MEATER. Simply insert your Meater Meat probe, Set your cook using the MEATER app, Cook and follow the app instructions, The Meater app will then give you an ETA when your meat will be ready and gives you a carry-over cooking for perfect results. The app will alert you when your meat is ready to be served. 

This thermometer was designed for the home cook, pitmaster, or pro chef to make overcooked meats a thing of the past. It comes with a neat little wooden box that the wireless probe slots into making it super easy to store. 

MEATER is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. Along with the MEATER app, it will help you cook the juiciest steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other meats perfectly every time for every occasion. 

It's way more pricier than any of the Classic thermometers but if you love your tech you will treat this BBQ accessory like a baby.

We don't stock it yet but we can't help but this thermometer a mention!

Whether you are doing a low slow smoked brisket or just grilling a few steaks, a thermometer should be your number 1 BBQ tool. Every pitmaster should have one to help ensure their food is tasty and safe to eat. 

What thermometer you go for depends on your requirements and budget. 

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