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Tre Spade TC-8 El Young Electric Mincer

The TreSpade TC-8 El Young is a beautifully well engineered Italian Mincer that lends itself beautifully to domestic use. It comes with 2 stainless steel plates to allow you to make a fine or coarse mince as well as 2 sausage attachments to allow you to make your own chipolatas or Cumberland-sized sausages. 

This is our smallest electric mincer but by no means is it compromised on power. This little workhorse will go through the sinew in game meats with ease and go at a rate of a kilo a minute.


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Product Details

This is the ideal Electric Mincer for home or light commercial use. It will mince a range of meat including Pork, Game, Lamb, Beef or Venison with ease.

This little workhorse will mince around 10kgs of meat in approximately 10-15 minutes. The machine is supplied with two stainless steel plates, a 6mm (medium mincing plate) and a 16mm (larger mincing plate) giving you the option to mince a coarse or fine mince.

By using finer plate will also give you the option produce a smooth texture for paté.  This machine isn't just for mincing as it can also be used for Sausage Making. It comes with 2 sausage making nozzles to enable you to make Cumberland sized sausages and chipolata sausages. 

Made in Italy, this is a quality piece of machinery that is well engineered & built to be a sturdy little work-horse that wil last for years and years! It is easy to dismantle and clean and will fit easily into the bottom section of a standard Kitchen cupboard.

The No.8 is the smallest and ideally suited for Home use, for making batches of mince, Sausages, Burgers or even Paté. Spare mincer knives and mincer plates of different sizes are available from our website should you need a specific size or just like to have one or two spare knocking around. 

To make sausages with the No.8 El Young Mincer you mince the meat first, then add the seasonings, breadcrumbs etc and mix well. Remove the knife from the mincer, then insert the larger 16mm plate onto the mincer. Put one of the nozzles through the front screw. Shire some casings over the nozzle leaving about an inch hanging over the end, then put the sausage meat back through the mincer to fill into the casings.

Product Features

- 2x stainless steel plates

- 2 x Sausage nozzles. 

- Easily disassembled for easy cleaning and great for storage.

- Cast iron body. 

- 220-240 Volt

– 50 Hz single-phase asynchronous induction motor.

- Motor power: 300 W

- Worm revolutions per minute: 160 r.p.m.

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