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Premium Spooled Sheep Casings, 26+mm (1 x 80mtrs)

These are premium spooled 26/+mm sheep casings. They are ready spooled and are the widest sheep casing we do. They produce a quality sausage that will be sure to stand out. 

The casings are flexible and easy to handle yet remain tender when you bite into the sausage. Each pack contains 4 rods with a total length of 80 metres in the pack. Ideal for anyone looking to make a large batch of sausages on both a commercial and domestic level.

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Product Details 

The 26/+mm extra-wide sheep casings are classed as our widest sheep casing. 

These casings are white to yellow in colour and offer users greater flexibility. Each spool has 20mtrs of casings in length with 4 spools in the pack and 80mtrs all together.

Cured in salt and vac-packed these ‘Butcher Pack' Spooled Sheep casings are selected from prime British Sheep. These extra-wide sheep casings are strong when filling, have quality long lengths and are very tender on the palate when eaten. All our casings are selected to a strict A/B quality with every metre water tested before being spooled & cured in salt.

They are ideal for anyone wanting to use sheep casings but prefer a slightly wider sausage and are becoming one of our most popular calibres amongst butchers in the trade.

They come vac-packed and salted. 

Product Features

- 4 spools in a pack (80 metres in total)

- 26/+mm diameter.

- Grade A/B quality British Casings.

- Packed ready salted in vac bags. 

- Spooled casings offer ease of use.

- Ideal for both commercial and domestic users making larger batches of sausages.

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