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Embossed Vacuum Bags on Roll (2) 30 x 600cm

30x600cm vacuum rolls from TreSpade. Ideal for use with our Takaje vac pack machines or other domestic vac packers.

This size is the largest size you can get in the rolls as it uses the full width of a domestic vac packer, 30cm. 

The beauty about a roll is you can make it to the exact length you need. Simply cut the roll to the length you desire and seal at one end. Then the bag is ready to use as normal.

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Product Details

A pack of x2 30x600cm rolls. These rolls have an embossed back & a clear front.

The rolls give the added bonus of cutting them to the exact length you require. Great if you want to tightly vac pack long sticks of salami or other meat products.

The embossing allowing the vac machine to suck the air from the bag making them ideal for the domestic-type small vacuum machines.

Being of such high quality they also really enhance the product as well as preserving a huge range of food products. 

Product Features 

- 30x600cm.

- Embossed on one side.

- Ideal for domestic vac packers.

- 2 rolls per pack

You're reviewing:Embossed Vacuum Bags on Roll (2) 30 x 600cm
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