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Salt Beef Cure 1kg

Want to produce traditional style salt beef or pastrami, then this cure is exactly what you need. 

This cure is a brining cure and an contains both nitrite and nitrate to produce a beautiful pink pastrami. 

The cure comes in a 1kg bag with an easy to use recipe. Simply use as much as you need then store the bag in a cool dry place until next time. 


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Product Details

This is an easy to use cure that will produce an excellent Salt Beef/Pastrami that keeps its beautiful pink colour and produces a traditional style end product as seen in the picture.

This cure can be used instead of Saltpetre and contains both the Nitrite Salt & regular Salt needed to make Salt Beef.

Simply mix to a Brine Ratio of 95% Water to 5% Cure, i.e. 50g of cure to 1ltr of water. Mix well, then add your sugar, black pepper, coriander, bay leaves, and thyme to the brine. As you get more confident you can play around with the spices to make it to your taste. Once cooled pour over the Beef & leave to cure in the fridge. After 5 days remove from the cure and wash well under cold water, then gently cook for up to 3 hours. 

Slice thinly and add a dollop of mustard and taste that exquisite flavour as it melts in your mouth. 

Product Features

- 1kg pack.

- Recipe Included.

- Nitrite Salt in the pack to give pink colour.

- 5% usage rate. 

- This is a brining cure.

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