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Pigs & Pork Riverside Cottage Handbook

Keeping a herd of pigs brings a lot of enjoyment - they are curious, intelligent and (often) lovable animals, with plenty of character. When the time comes, they can provide you with a fine carcass that can be turned into all manner of tasty things.

The River Cottage ethos is all about knowing the story behind what's on the plate, and as Gill Meller explains in this accessible and comprehensive guide, by rearing and butchering your own pigs you'll be able to create a full range of delicious pork products in the most sustainable, economical and hands-on way possible.

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Check out this new essential guide to keeping pigs and preparing pork. It includes a step by step to butchering and cutting and includes a stack of delicious nose-to-tail recipes for not only the main pork joints but also all the off cuts in true Riverside style including, Brawn, Pork Scratching's, Pate, Saucisson Sec, and even Stuffed Pigs Trotters.

Pigs & Pork gives expert advice on choosing whether to keep your own pigs, on sourcing them and setting up their home, and on feeding and caring for them. Gill also explains how you can arrange for the pigs' eventual slaughter, and how to find a good butcher or carry out your own butchery at home and identify the different cuts of meat.

And even if you are buying your pork from the butcher, there is plenty to inspire. In the mouth-watering recipe section you will find the ultimate roast pork, farmhouse pates, pork scratchings, brawn, sausages, rillettes, pork pies, Scotch eggs and black pudding, as well as instructions for how to home-cure your own bacon, ham and salami. And of course, there are guidelines for setting up a proper hog roast to cater for large numbers, River Cottage-style - simply the perfect fare for an outside gathering.

Whether you are just after the secret to sensational crackling, or you want to go the whole hog and set up your own sty, this book will guide you on the road to pork heaven.

Product Features

- No.14 Riverside Cottage handbook.

- Expert advice on rearing pigs.

- Great recipes and butchery tips.

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