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Make Your Own Bacon and Ham by Paul Peacock

Great book from Paul Peacock that is based on traditional recipes and is a practical guide to curing all sorts of meat, including bacon through to making your own hams, biltong, pates, and cured meats of all kinds.

Many of the recipes feature and recommend our own Supacure dry curing salts so this book is a great resource to dip into and experiment with new and old curing methods.

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Product Details

This book describes the various ways you can cure and preserve meats at home that are really tasty, safe to eat, and a whole lot healthier than equivalent shop-bought products. You and only you will have control of what goes into your meat, and of how salty it will be. Based on traditional recipes, it is a practical guide to curing all sorts of meat, from bacon and ham through to making your own salamis, pâtés, confits and galantines.

It also includes the production of modern charcuterie, as well as delicious family favourites such as burgers, faggots, meatballs, and sandwich meats of various types, including corned beef. Whether you just want to make your own bacon ‘as it used to be’, or broaden your repertoire to include prosciutto, biltong, and dozens of other preserved treats, this book gives you simple, step-by-step instructions for them all. By showing you how to be safe in the curing world, it also enables you to experiment for yourself.


Product Features

- Recipes and instructions.

- Great guide for beginners.

- A good guide on how to experiment with curing yourself.

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