Butcher Pack Premium British Sheep Casings Spooled Red Tag 22/24mm, 4 x 80Mtrs

The butchers pack 22/24 red tag spooled sheep casings are perfect for making the breakfast or continental sausage.

These spooled 4x80mtr (total of 320mtr) packs come from prime selected British Sheep and will arrive salted and vacuum packed ready for use.

Ideal for butchers, farm shops or anyone making sausages in large quantities.

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Product Details 

These are the 22/24 Red Tag British Sheep Casings in a Butcher pack of 4x80mtrs (320 metres). They are ideal for making any type of breakfast sausage or thin continental sausage.

These sheep casings are classed as 'medium' width and are strong in the filling, with good long lengths, but very tender on the palate when eaten.  The beauty of them being on the spool is that they are ready to go straight on to nozzle after soaking them. 

Cured in salt and vac-packed, our Butcher Pack Sheep Casings are selected from Prime British Sheep. All our casings are selected to a strict A/B quality here in the UK with every metre water tested prior to being spooled and cured in salt.

They come salted and vac-packed in tubes of 4 so you can use as many or as little as you like at a time.

Product Features  

- Butchers pack (320 metres) (4x80mtrs).

- 22/24 British Red Tag Casings.

- Grade A/B quality British Casings.

- Ideal for making breakfast or thin continental sausages.

- Packed ready salted in vac bags and often come in a white bucket.

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