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Curing Starter Kit

The Curing Starter Kit was designed to give you a taster in a variety of curing methods. From Dry Curing Bacon to brining Gamons or making the ultimate Salt beef. Along with the curing salts, this kit also offers you all the accessories you need to get started and cure produce to perfection.
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Product Details

This Curing Starter kit is the perfect way to get you curing your own meats and producing a great tasting product from your home! This kit contains everything you need to cure your own Bacon, Gammons, and Salt Beef/Pastrami.

The box includes a selection of cures allowing you to experiment with different curing techniques such a dry curing and brine curing. Both techniques help to keep the meat's beautiful colour and produce a traditional style superb end product.

The curing salts come in 1kg bags giving you a lot to play with when trying it out on various meats depending on the size of meat you wish to cure. Tried and tested recipes are supplied with this kit so you can ensure you get a great-tasting product from your first cure.   

This starter kit also comes with a stainless steel 3 prong bacon hook, ideal for hanging all types of meat up to 100kg. Also supplied is a 5" stainless steel bacon hook which again will hold up to 100kg of meat. A traditional muslin cloth is also supplied in the pack allowing the meat to breathe while protecting the outer layers from any unwanted pests.

If you're looking for the real deal curing kit that will supply you with a great starting point, numerous amounts of curing salts, and a great tasting end product then this is the one for you.

Your Box Contains

- 1 x Dry Bacon Cure 1Kg - to make our own traditional dry-cured Bacon

- 1 x Brining Cure 1Kg - for Gammons, Hams, and tongues

- 1 x Salt Beef Cure 1Kg

- 1 x 3-Prong Stainless Steel Bacon Hook

- 1 x 5" Meat Hook

- 1 x Traditional Muslin Cloth to hang your bacon.

- Full instructions and recipe ideas included. Packed in a sturdy gift box - makes an ideal present for anyone keen to get started curing their own meats.

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