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Boss of Bacon Kit

Bacon curing is easy business with this comprehensive kit which comes complete with all the essentials and more to make bacon just in time for Christmas. The kit comes complete with our 5-star rated Pökel Salz Bacon cure, Fischer 3-prong bacon hook, muslin cloth roll and 3 30x50 vacuum bags to encase your bacon whilst it is curing.
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Product Details 

When it comes to curing, bacon is probably the easiest piece of meat to cure. Whether it is a piece of Pork loin for back bacon or pork belly for streaky bacon, Pökel Salz has you covered. 

Along with the Pökel Salz are x3 Embossed 30x50 vacuum bags, muslin cloth and an extra strong Fischer 3-prong hook to hang your bacon once it has cured.

The meat does not need to be sealed so do not worry if you do not have a vac packer.



Simply add the cure at a rate of 3.5% to the weight of the meat. Rub the cure over the meat side of the loin or belly. Put the meat in a food-grade bag and let it cure for 7-10 days in a fridge. After the first 24 hours take it out of the fridge and massage the meat ensuring the cure is worked well into the surface of the meat. 

Place the meat back into the fridge. 

Throughout the curing time, turn the meat on a daily basis. Once the meat is cured, dispose of the bag, rinse the excess cure off under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. 

Place the meat back into the fridge in an open tray to allow the meat to air dry for a minimum of 3-5 days. The larger the piece of meat, the longer you should leave it to air dry before slicing and cooking. 


Product Features

- 1kg Pökel Salz Bacon Cure in a resealable pouch.

- Extra Strong 3-Prong Fischer Bacon Hook.

- 1 Roll of Muslin Cloth.

- x3 30x50 Embossed Vacuum Bags. 

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