German Thuringer Bratwurst Seasoning 1kg (Trade Pack)

1kg bag of thuringer Bratwurst seasoning. A fantastic seasoning for making a classic German Bratwurst Sausage.
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Inspired by the Weschenfelder family routes this is a classic German 'Thuringer ' Bratwurst recipe which certainly goes down well at any family meal.

The Bratwurst is made with finely ground Pork, a Thuringer seasoning that contains Ground Pepper, Caraway Seeds, Marjoram and Garlic.

The Thuringer seasoning is often combined with Bullifrish a binding seasoning to help the emulsion process when making Bratwurst sausage.

This seasoning comes in a 1kg bag and can be used at a rate at 8 grams per kilo of meat, 

The Bullifrisch can also be purchased in 1kg bags here.

Note this seasoning does not contain preservatives.

Product Features

- 1kg bag of Thurringer seasoning for Bratwurst Making.

- Recipe included with the pack.

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