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Red Onion & Steak Burger Mix

This red onion steak burger mix is a top drawer luxury mix that will have your mouthwatering the moment that burger hits grill.

Packed full with red onion, cumin and garlic each spice combines to compliment the meat to make what can only be described a traditional farmhouse burger.

This is a Weschenfelder Family favourite and has won many awards for butchers up and down the UK.

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Product Details 

This is a luxury burger mix that unpacks the richness of any steak burger. It is a much coarser mix than normal & the Red Onion is clearly visible. The seasoning is packed with herbs and spices including garlic and cumin helping to produce an excellent well seasoned and fantastic looking farmhouse style Burger.

This seasoning oozes flavour and is sure to make your barbecue one to remember.

Each 480g packet will produce a well seasoned & fantastic looking farmhouse style Burger.

Product Features

- 480g in a pack.

- Will make a 10lb batch of burgers.

- Ideal for BBQs.

- A slightly more Coarse Mix

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