Pork Pie Jelflavel Super Savoury Gelatine (500g)

500g pack of Jelflaval, powdered gelatine. Ideal for home users who want to use smaller quantities to use in their pies.
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Product Details 

Gelatine is a protein that is used in various products for filling and decorating. It has the ability to form rigid gels when solutions are cooled.

This product is useful, particularly in pies where pastry and seasoned gelatine can significantly uplift overall eating quality.

Packed into 500g bags, this quantity is ideal for those wanting to make pies at home on a domestic basis.

Use at a rate of 1 part Jelflaval to 10 parts water. Simply mix the Jelflaval with cold water and bring it to the boil before simmering for 5 minutes.

Product Features 

- 500g per pack.

- Enough to do over 50 pies.

- Long Expiry Date.

- Very Easy to use.

- Instructions come with the bag.

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