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Home Pack Ready Spooled British Sheep Casings

The home pack spooled sheep casings come as a pack of 40 metres with 10 metres on each rod. As they are ready spooled, this makes the process of getting the on to the nozzle a walk in the park saving you time. Making small quantities of sausages has never been easier as you can use 1 rod at a time and put the others away for another day. As with all our casings these are vacuum packed and salted and should last 6 months and beyond when stored in a cool dry place.
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Product Details

These are the ready spooled sheep casings and are the ideal pack for anyone making sausages at home in smaller quantities. They come on easy-to-use plastic rods, so all you have to do is soak them in warm water (for at least a few hours or overnight in water), then slide them straight from the rod onto the nozzle of your sausage-machine.

No more fiddling around looking for the ends, the whole process takes seconds!

Each 12" rod contains 10 metres of casings. Each pack includes four rods in a convenient Vacuum Pouch cured in salt, which will keep for a minimum of six months. The Home Pack is a 24/+mm Wide Premium Quality Sheep Casing, ideal for a thin breakfast type sausage and will fill approximately 25lbs (11.5kg) worth of sausage.

Sheep casings are more tender than hog casings and often you won't even notice them as you bite into the sausage. They are still very strong and easy to handle when filling.

Product Features 

- Natural British Sheep Casings.

- 24+mm in diameter.

- 4 rods in a pack, 10m per rod.

- 40m in one pack. 

- Makes 25lbs/11.5kg of sausage per pack.

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