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Cure No.1 10kg (Trade Pack)

Weschenfelder Cure no.1 is a professional cure for experienced charcuterie makers looking to make large batches of charcuterie and cured meats. This trade pack of cure no.1 comes loose in a 10kg sack making it more economical and easy to use. Our Cure No.1 can be used to follow recipes that call for Cure 1, Prague Powder No.1, or Insta Cure No.1. Best for any type of cured meat product that will require cooking, such as bacon, hams that are not dried, smoked but not air dried sausages.
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Product Details 

When using Cure No.1, it is advised to use a set of accurate digital scales to measure out precise quantities and also require additional PVD or Coarse Sea Salt to mix and dilute. 

Cure 1 is for curing any types of meat that will go on to be cooked, such as bacon, or English-style Hams. Cure no.1 contains 93.75% salt and 6.25% sodium nitrite.

Always follow a trusted curing recipe when using these cures as they contain higher percentages of Nitrite than our regular cures (i.e Supacure or Laycocks Dry Cure or our Quick Brining cures which are all pre-blended under licence).

Always store in sealed and well marked containers.

Product Features

- Supplied in a 10kg sack.

- Recipe included.

- Can be used to follow recipes with Cure 1, Prague Powder no.1 & Insta cure No.1.

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