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Butcher Trade Pack Premium British Spooled Narrow Hog Casings 30/34mm (4 x 80mtrs)

The 30/34 British Spooled Narrow hog casings come in 4x80mtr packs giving you a total of 320mtrs. These casings are ideal for making Cumberland, Lincolnshire or bratwurst style sausages. They come salted supplied in nets and are very easy to use from the spool. With good long lengths you save time getting them from the spool to the nozzles. Ideal for butchers, farm shop or anyone wanting to make large quantities of sausages.
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Product Details 

Cured in salt and packed in nets, our Butcher Pack British Hog casings are now available spooled onto 12'' Plastic Rods. All you have to do is soak them in warm water for one hour (or overnight in cold water), then slide them straight from the rod onto the nozzle of your sausage-machine.

No more fiddling around looking for the ends, the whole process takes seconds. This system saves time on threading the casings onto the nozzle and also cuts out operator wastage.

This pack contains 4 x 80mtrs packs of spooled casings. The whole pack will make approx. 320lbs of sausage. Ideal for Farm Shops and Butchers. These Narrow Premium Hog casings are graded to 30/34mm wide and make a superb Cumberland or Lincolnshire style sausage. They are also ideal for Boerewors, Bratwurst or Chorizo.

These hog Casings are prepared from Prime British Hog (Pork) Casings and are carefully selected and graded by a team of skilled staff. Each length of casing is water tested, graded, spooled and finally cured in salt. 

Product Features 

- Pack contains 4x80mtrs (320mtrs) of Spooled Hog Casings.

- 30/34mm wide hog casings.

- Spooled, salted and packed in nets.

- Ideal for Butchers making Cumberland, Lincolnshire or continental styled sausages.

- Ideal for commercial use.

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