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Black Pudding Making Kit

A very simple kit that provides everything you need to make black pudding. All you need to add is suet fat and water. 

The kit makes roughly 20lbs (9kg) of black pudding with an authentic beautiful horseshoe shape. As ever this kit comes with instructions and you will need a wide sausage nozzle for this to be a successful experience. 

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Product Details 

This is a simple but excellent kit that includes everything you will need to make your own black pudding. The mix includes dried pigs blood, seasoning, and oats which are all blended together. This really is a superb mix and the recipe originates from some long-time Scottish friends in the Highlands. 

The casings included are beef runners which are the perfect casing for a black pudding mix. The 40/43 wide beef runners make an authentic black pudding with a beautiful natural curve. This kit contains 9 metres of runners which are vacuum-packed and salted.

The other item included in this kit is 3 metres of red and white twine which comes in handy for tying the end of the black pudding.

To make the black pudding simply pop the casings onto the end of the widest sausage nozzle you have. Over the sink pour the mixture into the nozzle and watch your casings slowly fill up. Make sure you tie the open end before pouring your mixture into the casings. 

Included in this kit is:

- 2 x 1kg Black Pudding Mix.

- 1 x 9 metre Natural Beef Runner 40/43mm.

- 1 x 3 metre red and white twine.

- Full Recipe and instructions to make Black Pudding.

- This kit will make 20lbs (9kg) of Black Pudding.

- Simply add hot water and suet fat.

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