Leonards West Country Cider Apple Complete Mix

This is a sweet succulent mix designed to bring out the best in pork. The mix has heaps of dried apple that combines beautifully with subtle flavours of cloves and other herbs. 

This mix makes a sausage full of flavour and is an all round family pleaser. 

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This Complete Sausage Mix is packed with oodles of Apple and just a hint of Clove. The sweetness of the apple combines creates a succulent sausage that works well with any meat including pork, chicken or any game. Perfect to swig down with an ice cold cider. 

As with all our complete mixes, this product contains all the spices, seasonings and the Rusk in one pack so all you need add is some chilled water and good quality British Pork. Each pack will make up to 20lbs of sausages. 


Product Features

- Complete mix includes seasoning and rusk. 

- Works well with all types of meat.

- 0.999kg per pack.  

- This complete mix contains everything you need to make a 20lb batch. 

- Just add this mix to meat and water before stuffing the skins

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