Leonards Tinted Beef Complete Mix (Trade Pack)

Tinted beef is a strong mix that brings flavour in abundance. Pepper, ginger & coriander are the main players here.
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Pepper, ginger and coriander are the main spices in this epic mix. They combine together to make a delightful sausage full of flavour and a great all-rounder for the popular beef sausage.

The mix is a great base flavour which is great on its own but if you wish you can add to it should you want to get adventurous. 

These are sold in trade packs with an option of:

5 x 0.681kg packs (1 x 5 mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 10lb batch.

12 x 1.362kg packs (1 x 12mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 20lb batch. 

 Simply select the case you want using the drop-down below.

Product Features

- Pepper, Ginger, and Corriander come to the forefront of this mix. 

- Ideal for beef sausages but also used with game. 

- Complete sausage mix includes rusk and seasoning together. 

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