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Talsa F25s Sausage Filler

The F-25 is the medium-sized stuffer in our Talsa range. This is a beautiful piece of kit that packs in just over 48lb in its stainless steel barrel. The Talsa F-25 has an automated ergonomic knee lever that activates start and stop. This leads to less wear, less noise, and less power consumption.

A great sausage stuffer for butchers wanting to step up their sausage-making production to make the process even more efficient.

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Product Details

The Talsa F25s 3HP Sausage Filler is a newly designed model to replace the H20 and H26 sausage fillers. The new model has a high hydraulic power to fill the densest and most compact of mixtures. The sausage filler has its controls and safety gauge and speed control knobs close to the operator making this machine very easy to use. 

This stuffer comes with a well-designed ergonomic plastic knee lever that can be fitted to the machine in two different orientations, whichever suits the operator better. The motor of the sausage filler only kicks in and stops by using the knee lever, resulting in reduced power consumption, less heat, less noise, and extended life of the oil and hydraulic components.

The F25 also now has automatic piston decompression, meaning that the mixture stops outputting from the machine straight away, unlike other fillers where the build of pressure leads to small amounts of mixture continuing to come out even after releasing the knee lever. The knee lever of the sausage filler can also be locked into a decent position and automatically disconnects once the piston hits the bottom of the barrel. 

The Talsa F25 is made of robust stainless steel, with the piston plates and lids now also made from stainless steel. The new production methods now mean the barrel is completely round inside. The lid and piston plate are completely removable by using the lid release bolts and piston screw. This makes the machine exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. 

This filler now comes as standard with 3 x thermoplastic nozzles in 14mm, 20mm, and 30mm diameters. These plastic filler nozzles are transparent and allow for better tightening against the lid with the transparency making it easier for the operator to see the mixture extruding through the nozzle. 

A built-in internal oil reservoir view showing (min/max) allows users and two-wheel and two anti-tilt adjustable feet.  

If you require different sized nozzles with this machine please get in touch to discuss further options.


Product Features

- External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram. 

- Meat Capacity +/- 22kg. 

- Nozzles 3 x food approved thermoplastic of 14, 20 & 30mm as standard. 

- Motor 1.75HP (1 phase) or 1.5HP (3 phase) (Please request 3 phase upon purchase).

- Made from stainless steel. 

- Lid & Piston Construction stainless steel. 

- Weight: 140kg.  

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