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Talsa F14s 1HP Sausage Filler

The smallest electric stuffer from the Talsa range. This is a beautiful piece of kit that packs in just over 24lb in its stainless steel barrel. The Talsa F-14 has an automated ergonomic knee lever that activates start and stop. This leads to less wear, less noise, and less power consumption. A great sausage stuffer for butchers wanting to step up their sausage-making production to make the process even more efficient.
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Product Details

The Talsa F14s 1HP Sausage Filler has a complete stainless steel lid and piston plates as well as an all stainless steel perfectly round chamber.

This sturdy electric filler has a barrel with an internal tube to discharge air/water for simplified cleaning. It features a control and safety gauge with a speed control knob set next to the operator for ease of use. The motor is started and stopped automatically by the use of the new ergonomically designed all-plastic knee lever, meaning a much lower consumption of electricity as well as a reduced heat build-up and noise. This also helps to extend the life of the sausage filler oil and hydraulic components.

The F14 now has an immediate stop function for the mixture output when the knee lever is released. This is done through the new auto piston decompression preventing the mixture from continuing to flow out due to pressure build-up in the barrel even when the machine is stopped. The newly designed knee lever of the F14 sausage filler can now be fitted in two positions for giving two possible operations.

It can also be locked in the descent position, so it does not have to be continually pressed, and also disconnects once the piston plate reaches the bottom of the barrel.

The nozzles that come as standard with the new F14s sausage filler are made from transparent food-approved thermoplastic instead of the old metal versions. This allows for better tightening onto the lid as well as the operator being able to see the product running through the nozzle towards its exit. The standard diameters are 14mm, 20mm, and 30mm.

If you require another nozzle size please get in touch and we can let you know the available options. The F14 Sausage Filler has an internal oil reservoir with a built-in level view showing max/min level lines. The machine also comes as standard with two wheels and two anti-slip adjustable feet ensuring great maneuverability whilst also offering a very sturdy base when in action. 

Product Features

- 2 wheels and handle for easy transport. Optional 4 wheels adding 2 swivel casters.

- Easily accessible speed control.

- Pressure gauge.

- Removable lid, adjustable lid lock nuts with handle.

- Independent hydraulic oil reservoir.

- Thermal protected motor.

- Automatic knee lever lock until the piston reaches the lower position.

- Robust stainless steel construction.

- Lid and piston in solid s/s sheet of great thickness and resistance.

- Round, mechanized barrel, internally grinded: perfect internal diameter and sealing.

- Easily removable piston.

- High pressure for dens and cold mixtures.

- Automatic piston decompression. Instant stop of product flow.

- Cylinder ram in stainless steel.

- New lid and piston seals of low wear and long life.



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