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Takaje Vacuum Machine (Red)

The Takaje vacuum machine is a quality and highly reliable machine. Made in Italy this vac packer was designed for home users to vac pack all their home produce and preserve it for longer without the worry of freezer burn. From a seal only option to a bottle top sealing cap, the Takaje not only has the added bonuses but a real feel of quality which has come to make this machine a customer favourite at Weschenfelder.
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Product Details

The Takaje Vacuum Machine opens up a whole new concept in Vacuum Packing & Food Preservation.  It is a superb, beautifully designed Vacuum Machine ideal for vac-packing a huge range of foods including all kinds of meats, cheeses, vegetables and so much more. In addition, it also has a unique new patented system that enables you to re-create a vacuum inside any Jam Jar or glass container. This enables you to vac pack a whole range of products within glass containers or to extend the life of products such as jams & chutneys by sucking the air back out of the jars when storing after use.  Whether you Vac Pack into bags or containers you can extend the storage times of foods by 3 to 5 times.

The name 'Takaje' is a dialect word from the Piedmontese area of Italy which means ''it's the right one, we've succeeded''. It is made entirely in Italy using parts sourced from within a 100km radius of Torino.

This is a traditional vacuum chamber for vac packing foods in embossed bags & vac rolls. Its exceptionally fast suction speed and secure sealing system makes it a pleasure to use.  Inside the sealing bar is an inner tray which protects the unit from excess liquids making it a very easy machine to clean.

The Takaje is supplied with a starter pack of 50 x Vacuum Bags and 2 x Takaje Jar Sealing Caps. 

All Takaje accessories and spare parts are available on our website including the Takaje Containers, Bottle-caps &  Jar Sealing Caps. Depending on what you are packing there is a huge range of Embossed Vacuum bags to suit your needs.                                                                  

Product Details

- 50 x vacuum bags supplied with the machine.

- 2 x jar sealing caps supplied with the machine. 

- Sealing Rod - 33cm.

- The sealing Rod has a High heat resistance and is 3mm in thickness.

- Dimensions 36, 5x18, 5x11cm.

- Absorption: 200W.

- Max Depression: 800 mbar.

- Pump Suction: 16 l/min.

- Easy to clean.

- Works only with embossed vacuum bags 


Please note that the Takaje clip (part no.8) has been discontinued and is no longer included as part of the machine, however, it is still listed as a part within the manual.

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