Scots Black Pudding Mix

Complete Black Pudding Mix blended using a traditional Scottish recipe.

This mix comes with a tried and tested black pudding recipe and is a favourite amongst the adventerous Weschenfelder customers, with heaps of images across social media of their black pudding ventures.


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Complete Black Pudding Mix. This is a complete mix containing Dried Pigs Blood, salt, pepper and a blend of herbs and spices to a traditional Scottish recipe. All you need in addition is some Back Fat, Pearl Barley and a good Ox-Runner casing.

Add water to the mix & leave overnight in the fridge. Stirring gently add the diced back fat and cooked Pearl Barley plus any additional herbs that take your fancy (a little mint perhaps). Pour into a large jug, then shire some of the washed and soaked Casings over the end of a funnel. This is best done under a large basin or over the sink. Pour the mix through the funnel and into the casings. Tie into managable links with some string (taking care not to overfil the casings). Then simmer in a large pan for 45minutes. Douse in cold water and allow to settle.

It really is very easy.

Recipe included. This is the same mix that is also in the Black Pudding Kit, available seperately.

Please note; this mix contains rusk and wheat flour and so is not gluten free.

1.25kg Bag.

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