Golden Kebab Original Spicy Mix

Fancy taking your kebabs to the next level? Then look no further than this beauty of a mix from Leonards. The original and simply the best. Deep flavours and a little heat create the magic of the kebab.
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This is a true classic that marries a tongue-tingling heat with a depth of flavour that makes a truly delicious kebab. Made by Leonards this mix will trump any kebab you have made before.

From Greek gyros to Lamb Koftas this mix is sure to give any summer BBQ a lift.

Each pack is 681g and will make just over 10lbs (5kg) of kebabs.


Mix 681g with 908g water add 3.632kg of fine minced meat. Mince the mixture. Portion out and form on kebab skewers, leave to set in the fridge before cooking.

Product Features

- 681g per pack.

- Recipe on packet.

- Ideal with any meat including lamb.

- Makes a spicy kebab with great flavour.

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