Tub Gluten Free Sausage Mix 10kg

Make outstanding gluten-free sausages with this 10kg tub of gluten-free sausage mix. Ideal for making gluten-free pork sausages without compromising on taste or texture.

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This tub of gluten-free sausage mix makes the perfect gluten-free pork sausage. Packed in a 10kg white tub with a red lid this is ideal for butchers making Gluten-free sausages in big batches. 

As this is a standard gluten-free pork mix, you can add your own ingredients and spices to this mix to give your gluten-free sausages a twist. Or you can simply use this mix on its own to create a beautiful gluten-free pork sausage without compromising on flavour or texture.


Product Features

- 10kg Gluten-free sausage mix

- Ideal for making large batches of gluten-free sausages.

- Produces a fantastic gluten-free sausage.

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