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Yeastless Bread Rusk 1kg

This 1kg pack of Rusk is perfect for use in sausage mixes. Rusk is basically a yeastless bread that is baked and dried and then processed into pinhead-sized crumbs. When rehydrated during the sausage-making process it helps to create that succulent texture of a classic British Sausage.

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Product Details

British sausages have traditionally incorporated breadcrumbs into the mix and they help achieve that plump and succulent textured sausage that we so love! Breadcrumbs can be made for sausage by grinding and drying regular bread, but most sausage makers now use Yeastless rusk.

Rusk is basically a yeastless bread made using just Wheatflour, Salt, Bicarbonate, Water and a special baking and drying process. These loaves are then dried before being crushed to a crumb and can be added directly to the sausage mix and rehydrated with water. Our Rusk is produced by Ripon Select Foods in North Yorkshire and is, without doubt, the finest quality Yeastless Rusk made specifically for Sausage Makers on the market.

A 1kg (2.2lb) bag is sufficient 9kg (20lb) mix of sausage, but you can use less to achieve exactly the texture and meat ratio that you prefer. 

Product Features  

- 1kg pack of Yeasless Rusk.

- Yeastless rusk from Ripon Select North Yorkshire.

- Great for making sausages.

- You can also use this rusk in burgers.

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