Vegetarian Casings 23mm

The 23mm is our thinnest calibre in the vegetarian casings. These casings are incredibly easy to use and perfect for anyone who wants to make their own homemade vegetarian sausages which are more flavoursome than the ones available at the supermarket.

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Product Details 

These Vegetarian Casings are easy to use and are completely edible. They are made from water-soluble polysaccharide (which in layman's terms is a type of carbohydrate similar to cellulose). They come on a 12mtr concertinaed rod.

Simply cut to the length you require and slide on to your sausage nozzle. The casings come ready to use and do not need soaking. They will last up to 12 months if stored in a dry Tupperware-type container. 

These casings have a diameter of 23mm, so the sausages will make a medium-sized caliber of sausage.

Product Features

- 23mm wide.

- 12mtr length.

- Supplied on a concertinaed rod.

- Skins come ready to use. 

- Shelf Life is 12 months. 

- Store in a cool dry place. 

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