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ProQ Original Cold Smoke Generator (Small)

Cold Smoke pretty much anything with this ProQ cold smoke generator. Simply place this little generator into your hooded BBQ and smoke away to give your food an even smoked flavour.
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Product Details

This innovative Cold Smoke Generator is a great way of cold smoking your favorite foods with ease and at an affordable price.  

The beauty of this cold smoke generator is that it does not require any charcoal, electric element or gas and is simply started by candlelight using a small tea light. 

These beautifully designed mesh maze generators can be used in your own homemade smoker, a simple hooded barbecue or any hot smokers including the Bradley Smoker, ProQ eco smoker, Anuka and Ceramic Grills like the Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg. 

Simply fill the maze with smoking wood dust, light your tealight and insert it into the candle holder until your dust begins to smoulder. Remove the candle and insert the smoker into your smoking chamber. The square mesh maze design will deliver up to 10 hours of cooled smoke flavour as the wood dust smoulders gradually along its mesh channel. The wood dust supplied with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is in a resealable plastic bag and is for sustainable sourced.

Though this may seem like a small-sized generator, it is most effective in containers that have a capacity of between 30 Litres - 150 Litres which gives you an idea of just how much smoke the original can produce.

This makes a perfect gadget for any foodie to use in the garden to add smokey flavours to sausages, salami, bacon, fish, salmon, cheese, butter salt, herbs, spices, nuts and veg! The options are endless.

Use this product outdoors only. Use in a well-ventilated area out of wind and rain. Always remove the tea-light candle used to light the cold smoke generator once the dust has begun smouldering, the candle must be removed before inserting the generator into your chamber.

This product recently featured on Nadiya's British Food Adventure on BBC2 and has also featured on River Cottage. 

Product Features

- High-grade stainless steel mesh maze.

- Comes with 100g smoking wood dust (Enough for 10 hours of smoke). 

- Wood Dust is sourced from sustainably sourced forests.

- Dimensions: H4cm x W15cm x D15cm.

- Weight: 370g.

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