MRC Garden Mint Glaze 2.5kg

A 2.5kg MRC tub of the Garden Mint Glaze. One of MRC's most popular glazes, this is a real beauty of glaze that will add a minty freshness to your meat. Works well with lamb and chicken. Give it a go. 

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This is one of our favourites. A sweet, fresh-tasting mint glaze with a hint of tomato. Not overpowering but enough to enhance the meat's flavour. 

Rub this glaze thoroughly and leave to marrinade for 15 minutes or more before cooking.

It tastes delicious when used on lamb or any type of poultry. 

Product Features

 - 2.5kg tub. 

- This glaze loves lamb, poultry or pork.

- Use 10% glaze to meat weight ratio.

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