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Mold-600 50g

Bactoferm Mold 600 is a meat culture that produces a fast-growing creamy white mould of wild flora with a distinctive fresh mushroom flavour. With high humidity and optimum temperature, Penicillium Nalgiovense is fast growing and produces a dense, short white surface coverage with an even appearance (typically found in France).

Ideal for charcuterie. 

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Product Details

The Mold-600 helps prevent excess surface drying and loss of lactic acid during maturation that can increase pH and result in less acidity/tangy flavours. By inoculating fermented sausages with a standardized mould culture such as this one, you can help protect them from undesirable moulds such as indigenous moulds, yeasts and bacteria.   

Mold-600 is a single strain culture containing spores of Penicillium nalgiovense in a convenient freeze-dried form. It was made for the production of molded dried sausages with a white or cream-colored appearance. This is particularly recommended for traditional sausages dried at low temperature and/or low humidity.

Tip: for best results you can soak your rinsed casings in the mould solution just before stuffing, and then spray the mould on again once in the fermentation chamber.


During the drying process the culture is effective in preventing the emergence of a dry rim. Furthermore, during maturations, the mould promotes an increase in pH and a less sourish flavour.


50g culture for 20L water.

Directions for use

One pouch of freeze-dried culture is mixed into 2-4 litres of tap water at approximately 20°C and equilibrated for 2 hours at room temperature. The suspension is diluted in 20 litres of tap water and is then ready for use.

The mould is inoculated after the stuffing, either by dipping or spraying. The spore suspension should be stirred continuously to prevent settling of the spores, and the suspension should only be used on the day of preparation (danger of yeast contamination).

Storage and Shelf life

As with other Bactoferm cultures, all freeze-dried cultures must be stored < -17°C and will have a shelf life of up to 18 months. If stored at 5°C, shelf life will be at least 6 weeks.

Note: we will post all cultures but please ensure you store them in your freezer asap.

Product Features

- Form: Powder ground.

- Colour of powder Off-white to brownish.

- Solubility: Water-soluble suspension.

- Store in the freezer.


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