Leonards Marmalade Complete Mix

Marmalade isn't what you think of one it comes to sausages but boy does this mix surprise you. The sweet citrussy flavours combine beautifully with pork to make a versatile sausage that will be sure to get your family and friends talking.  

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Loaded with citrus and sweet notes, this sausage is perfect with pork. 

The marmalade mix offers a truly unique sausage that is perfectly suited to most British Styled dishes including casseroles, bangers and mash or even a classic hot dog.  

Fill into hog skins or chipolata skins if you're making pigs in blankets. The orangey flavour certainly adds an element of luxury and makes and exquisite tasting sausage that will get everyone talking.

Product Features

- This complete mix includes seasoning and rusk.

- This complete mix contains everything you need to make a 10lb batch.

- Just add this mix to meat and water before stuffing. 

- Recipe on front of pack.

- Ideal with pork, chicken or game meats.

- 1.362kg per pack.  

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