Leonards Lincolnshire Complete Mix (Trade Pack)

A classic from Leonards. This Lincolnshire mix is full of sage and pepper. Designed to produce a top-quality butcher's Lincolnshire sausage.

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Product Details 

This is Leonards classic Lincolnshire mix. Made to stand the test of time this mix is filled with of sage & pepper, the two ingredients key to this popular British Banger.

This flavour combination will soon make the Lincolnshire sausage a favourite amongst your customers. 

Best used with pork. 

These are sold in trade packs with an option of:

5 x 0.681kg packs (1 x 5 mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 10lb batch.

12 x 1.362kg packs (1 x 12mix case). Each individual Mix makes a 20lb batch. 

 Simply select the case you want using the drop-down below.

Product Features

- Filled with sage and pepper to make a classic Lincolnshire sausage.

- Best used with pork. 

- The complete sausage mix includes rusk and seasoning together.

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