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HI-7007M pH 7.01 Buffer solution, 230ml bottle

A bottle of pH 7.01 buffer solution. 

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Product Details

The pH 7.01 buffer in a 230ml bottle is the most commonly used buffer solutions. pH 7.01 is ideal for those requiring an accurate neutral reading, particularly those working in water purification plants, the food industry, and wherever the pH is expected to be neutral.

Buffer solutions should be stored at 25 C, away from direct sunlight for accurate readings.

To correctly maintain your meter/electrode, we highly recommend the use of a Hanna cleaning solution, as well as a buffer, for maximum performance every time. pH7 can also be used as an emergency storage solution.

Hanna buffer solutions are prepared, ready-to-use, according to precise formulas and standardised in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure quality and accuracy. All solutions show a batch number, an expiry date, and the correlation table between pH and temperature. A certificate of analysis is available on request. All bottled solutions are sealed with an airtight, tamper-proof seal to prevent any Carbon Dioxide from entering and causing a change in the pH buffer value.

For more information on maintenance of your pH tester, feel free to get in touch. 

Product Features

- Accuracy: Standard +0.01 pH

- pH Value at 25°C: 7.01

- Packaged: Bottle

- Size: 230ml

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