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Gold Ring Hog Casings 38/40mm (72mtrs - 1 Hank)

These beautiful hog casings are supplied on a gold ring, netted, salted and vacuum-packed. They come ready for use in a 72mtr pack and are perfect for making large batches of sausages.

They are a wide hog casing and a produced to meet the highest of standards. 

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Product Details 

These hog casings have been specially graded 38/40mm and are classed as a wide hog casing. These British casings are perfect for making a chunky Cumberland style or game sausage. 

They come in packs of 72 metres and are cured in salt, netted, tied with a gold ring and vac packed. This pack will make approximately 34kg (75lb) of sausages.

For best results soak these skins in warm water overnight before use. Store these casings in the fridge or a Tupperware container if you have any left over.

Product Features

- 38/40mm wide.

- 72mtrs per pack.

- Each pack will make around 34kg (75lb) of sausages. 

- Vac packed in a salty brine.

- 6 months + on the expiry date.

- These Casings can be frozen to extend the use-by date.

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