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Adelmann German 4" 100mm Manual Burger Press

This is the German alternative to the Spikomat and is made from Cast Aluminium. A pure joy to work with, the 4" burger press that will produce uniform professional gourmet burgers.


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Product Details 

These are the heavy-duty Cast Aluminium 4" Burger Press. This is a high-quality press that makes lightweight of burger making and is built to withstand years of hard work! With a 4" diameter this press makes a burger that will fit inside the standard burger bun. 

This press will do burgers weighing anywhere between 120 - 240 grams.

The ultra-strong spring ensures that the burger does not stick to the press once you release it. 

We recommend cleaning by hand wash and a mild detergent so that you can enjoy your press for a long time.

To use simply place a cellophane burger disc on your worktop, place your burger meats, (say a 4oz ball), in the centre of the disc, place the press over the meat and press down firmly. It will form the perfect burger. Place 5 discs in a row with 5 balls of burger meat and you'll soon have a little production line! 

Product Features

- 4" Burger press.

- Made from aluminum.

- Burger quantity - 120-240g.

- Soak in warm water and a mild detergent. 

- Made in Germany.

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