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Fibrous Brown Casings 65/50 x 25

A pack of 25 65mm by 50cm fibrous brown salami casings. Designed for smoked and dried type of salamis. 


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Product Details

Fibrous Salami Casing has a 65mm diameter and a 50cm length tied and looped.

They are ideal for dried sausage sliced, scalded sausage sliced with casing on, dried sausage such as Italian Salami, (Naturally matured and Dried), as well as hard salami packed in bags, Pre-cooked sausage such as pepperoni for automatic peeling application. The excellent peeling characteristics of this casing is also ideal for cooked hams and much more.  

Fibrous casings are a meat defined meat cling and good smoke permeability made of renewable raw material.  

These casings come in a packs of 25.

 Product Features

- High strength. 

- Very good for maturing products.

- Precise diameter consistency. 

- 25 in a pack.

- 65mm in diameter.

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